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School Policy and Guidelines    



All registration must be made in advance of the class via the Ballet North website.


You can access your account anytime via the registration page. Please keep your details up to date so that we can contact you in case of an emergency.


As part of the registration process, please let us know should your child have any medical issues or additional needs we may need to be aware of.





All fees are paid termly in advance and can not be refunded. We DO NOT offer a pay as you go system for our children’s classes.


Places are not guaranteed until payment has been received.


Any fees not paid IN FULL by the payment deadline the second week of term will incur an additional £15 administration charge.


If payment has not been received we reserve the right to refuse entrance to a class and/ or offer your place to another child.


Once you have registered for a term of classes we assume you will be continuing with your place and hold your place in the class for the following term. If you do not wish to continue in the new term, please let us know so that we can offer your place to another child/ adjust classes accordingly.



Arriving  & Collecting On Time


We do our very best to run all of our classes on time. Please make sure you arrive in plenty of time to get your child dressed and ready, including finishing any snacks before entering the class.


The warm-up at the start of each class is a vital part of the session. It is an important opportunity for younger children to settle in the room and feel comfortable in the class and for all of the pupils to get both their bodies and minds ready for dancing. If your child misses the warm-up it is unsafe for them to dance and it is distracting to the other children in the class, having people arriving at different times.


We understand that on a rare occasion lateness cannot be helped, however, please note any children more than 10 minutes late for one of our 30 minute classes or 15 minutes late for one of our 45 minute - 1 hour classes, may not be permitted in to the class for the safety and enjoyment of all our pupils.


As we run our classes back to back, it is very important that you collect your child on time, as teachers need to be taking care of the next class. Any children collected more than 10 minutes after their class time will be issued a £10 fee.


If you are happy for your child to travel home on their own, please email [email protected] in advance to let us know they can be dismissed without an adult.



Uniform and Hair


If you are trying a class for the first time and do not yet have the correct uniform, something comfortable to move in such as leggings, t-shirt and bare feet is suitable.


Once you have registered for the term, it is important your child has the correct uniform for their class and their hair is tied neatly away from the face. This is for both safety and good dance practice. No jewelry or watches are permitted.


All classes other than Parent & Toddler level have a set uniform. You can find details and purchase items on the Ballet North website here:





The uniform is compulsory and an important element of learning ballet. Play 'tutu' style dresses, thick wool tights and slipper type ballet shoes or outdoor shoes are not suitable and will not be allowed in the class. Please make sure your child has the correct items in the correct colors for their level.



Watching Your Child´s Class


Parents and carers who have children attending our Baby Ballet level classes are welcome to sit and watch their child's class but please be reminded that we have a ONE ADULT PER CHILD policy.


Whilst we do understand that other family members are keen to watch your little ones dance, we unfortunately do not have the space in the sessions for more than one adult per child and having too many adults in the room is distracting and somewhat intimidating for some of our youngest dancers.


When sitting in a class we kindly ask you to help us get the children focused. Please refrain from talking to each other, eating food and moving around as this can be distracting.


Parents of new pupils in other levels are welcome to watch their child’s first class with us. We hold an ‘open class’ for parents to watch their child’s class and progress at the end of each term.



Photos and Videos


For the safety and security of all our pupils NO PHOTOS OR VIDEOS are allowed during the classes. Please keep mobile phones in your bags/ pockets to avoid any confusion.



Keeping Things Clean and Tidy


We know it can get busy in the waiting areas but please help us keep these as clean and tidy as possible by putting any rubbish or snacks in the bin. All our venues have changing facilities and nappy disposal should you need to use those.





We take the safety and welfare of the children we work with very seriously. Please click here to see our Safeguarding policy in full:







Privacy Policy 


Please click here to see our Privacy Policy in full:







Thank you!


Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation on these few points. We are very grateful to all our families for helping to make the school run smoothly.



Ballet North

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COVID-19 Update


During this unprecendented time, we have put in place measures and policies to keep our pupils, teachers and families safe to the best of our ability. Please see our full COVID-19 Policy here. 


The COVID-19 Policy will remain in place until further notice and will be updated regularly in accordance with government guidance.

Safeguarding Policy